Sunday, 20 February 2011

Four forthcoming talks

I'm giving a number of talks in London, Oxford and Reading over the next month. Details are below:

Thursday 17th March 2011, 6pm - 8pm

What is a Fragment? Forms of the Material, the Cultural, & the Interdisciplinary (The Courtauld Institute)

Lecture for 'The Material Life of Things' Research Project, Courtauld Institute.

Discussant: Professor Danny Miller (UCL) .

This paper reflects upon the status of the idea of 'the fragment' in contemporary interdisciplinary material culture studies. In doing so, it uses anthropological thinking to interrogate how we comprehend the forms that the material, the cultural, and the interdisciplinary can take in the study of things.

Thursday March 10 2011, 5pm-7pm

The Museum as Field Site (UCL Research Seminar)

Research Seminar Series, Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies, UCL.

Saturday 5th March 2011, 11am-1pm (coffee from 10.30am)
The Materials of De-Industrialization (Ruskin Public History Discussion Group)
co-presented with Lisa Hill (Oxford), Hilary Orange (UCL) and Sefryn Penrose (Oxford)

Ruskin Public History Discussion Group, Ruskin College, Oxford

24th February 2011, 5pm - 6pm
The Museum as Field Site (Reading University Research Seminar)

Research Seminar, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading

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