Sunday, 20 May 2012

Modern Materials: proceedings of CHAT 2009, Oxford

Another new volume for the series 'Studies in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology', which I co-edit with Josh Pollard,  is published this month. The eighth volume in the series - Modern Materials: proceedings of CHAT 2009 Oxford -brings together papers from the 2009 CHAT conference at Keble College, Oxford. Details are below. The volume can be ordered from Archaeopress
The next CHAT conference will be held at the University of York in November 2012.

'Modern Materials: proceedings of the CHAT 2009 conference, Oxford' Edited by Brent Fortenberry and Laura McAtackney

1) Introduction: Materials Modern (Laura McAtackney & Brent Fortenberry)
2) Fields of Artefacts: Archaeologies of Contemporary Scientific Discovery (Matt Edgeworth)
3) An Archaeological Metaphysics of Care. On Heritage Ecologies, Epistemography and the Isotopy of the Past(s) (Timothy Webmoor)
4) The Realities of the Past: Archaeology, Object-Orientations, Pragmatology (Christopher Witmore)
5) The Workman Laid Down his Tools – Approaches to the Recording and Analysis of Artefactual Remains in 19th and 20th Century Workshops (Chris Hewitson)
6) Hoarding, Re-using and Disposing: Domestic Repositories for Transient Objects (Tom Fisher)
7) Fort Santo Domingo: From a Cannonball to a Sea Battle A Case Study in the Potential of Historical Archaeology in Taiwan (Lu, Tai-Lung)
8) Quakerism and the Lack of Things in the Early Modern (John M. Chenoweth)
9) Archaeology of Cold War Early Warning Sites: The Case of Wasserkuppe, Germany (Gunnar Maus)
10) Telling a Story with Compass and Rule: Maps and the Meaning of Colonialism in St Lucia (Jane I. Seiter)
11) Cache Caves in the Santa Barbara Hinterland: New Insights into Indigenous Practice in Colonial California (Wendy Whitby)
12) The Humility of Sarah Baartman: materiality, memory, experience and contrapuntal accounts (Nick Shepherd).

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