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World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization

Image: carved stone human figure known as Titahanga-o-te-Henua, or 'the Boundary of the Land’, recovered from the islet of Motu Nui, Easter Island (PRM Accession Number 1916.36.319)

My next book - an edited volume titled World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization is published in March 2013. The book is the product of a research programme that I ran at the Pitt Rivers Museum between 2009 and 2011. It offers an overview - what we have called a 'characterization' - of the whole of the archaeological collections of the museum. The Table of Contents is below. 

You can read and download the whole book for free from my page.

The physical book can be ordered from Archaeopress here

D. Hicks and A. Stevenson (eds) 2013. World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization. Oxford: Archaeopress
Table of Contents

2                 Stone Age Sub-Saharan Africa. Peter Mitchell
3                 Kenyan Stone Age: the Louis Leakey Collection. Ceri Shipton
4                 Stone Age North Africa. Nick Barton
5                 Egypt and Sudan: Mesolithic to Early Dynastic Period. Alice Stevenson
6                 Egypt and Sudan: Old Kingdom to Late Period. Elizabeth Frood
7                 Greco-Roman Egypt. Christina Riggs
8                 Later Holocene Africa. Paul Lane

9                 Palaeolithic Britain. Alison Roberts
10               Palaeolithic Continental Europe. Alison Roberts and Nick Barton
11               Later Prehistoric and Roman Europe. Joshua Pollard and Dan Hicks
12               Post-Roman Europe. Eleanor Standley, Dan Hicks and Alice Forward
13               Oxfordshire. Matthew Nicholas and Dan Hicks
14               Neolithic and Bronze Age Malta and Italy. Simon Stoddart
15               The Aegean and Cyprus. Yannis Galanakis and Dan Hicks
16               Iron Age and Roman Italy. Zena Kamash, Lucy Shipley
                        Yannis Galanakis and Stella Skaltsa

17               South America. Bill Sillar and Dan Hicks
18               Central America. Elizabeth Graham, Dan Hicks and Alice Stevenson
19               The Caribbean. Dan Hicks and Jago Cooper
20               North America. Dan Hicks and Michael Petraglia

21               Asia and the Middle East. Dan Hicks
22               The Levant: Palestine, Israel and Jordan. Bill Finlayson
23               India and Sri Lanka. Dan Hicks, Michael Petraglia and Nicole Boivin
24               Japan. Alice Stevenson, Fumiko Ohinata and Simon Kaner
25               China. Lukas Nickel
26               Myanmar and Malaysia. Huw Barton

27               Australia and Oceania. Dan Hicks
28               New Zealand. Yvonne Marshall
29               Easter Island and Pitcairn Island. Dan Hicks, Sue Hamilton, Mike Seager Thomas and Ruth Whitehouse

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