Friday, 26 October 2018

Museum of Capitalism: "Politics and Heritage" Seminar in Oxford

Image: Center for Tactical Magic/Museum of Capitalism, Magic(k) Wands, 2009
Museum of Capitalism: "Politics and Heritage" Seminar in Oxford

Politics And Heritage is a new termly seminar series convened by Dan Hicks (School of Archaeology and Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford) and Mike Rowlands (Anthropology, UCL). Beginning in November 2018, it will hold three seminars per year — once per term — alternating between London and Oxford. The seminars will explore the different ways in which anthropological and archaeological approaches to the material world can inform our understanding of the forms of politics that emerge around heritage.

The first seminar will take place from 2pm-4pm on Friday 23 November 2018, in the Lecture Room of St Cross College, Oxford. Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau from Oakland, California will speak on the topic of Capitalism as Artefact - exploring their Museum of Capitalism project, and its relationships with the political dimensions of contemporary archaeology, contemporary collecting, and the politics of museum display.

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